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Viewing Elephant - How to Fold an Origami Elepha... in SD - Switch to hd
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so cute lol

thanks, a really nice elephant, a tip, don't twist the paper so many.

I agree that this is a great model. I was able to follow him up until the 5 minute mark at which point he does need to move his hands a bit more out of the way after the folds for just a couple of seconds more. I have found a video by the person richard22 gives credit to jonakashima on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sRR4WDw_kxg

Ok I give up. Couldn't finish the elephant because I wasn't able to follow the instructions on the video. I agree with eggflog. I get completely lost after 3.06. You go way too fast and after ten minutes watching the same spot over and over again and still not being able to realise what you were doing, I gave up. I was really pissed because its a nice elephant!:D

this is my first time doing origami, and i always get lost at the 4:00 mark... any advice? i am trying to make an elephant for my stepmom, its her birthday in a few days... please help

I second your thoughts bcvery. I loved the model and it is beautifully simple and the result is very cool. Thanks a bunch richard22

This model is wonderfully simple, and easy to make; thanks for uploading richard22. In response to eggflog: just because your competancy level is too low to follow a video which, with all honesty, is not paced fast, for a model which is far from complex, is not cause to swear at someone who has been kind enough to share there knowledge.

this is by far the worst origami video that i have ever seen. you go way too fast and it is damn near impossible to follow. i am pissed because i am trying to make a stupid elephant but keep getting lost cause of your bullshit. slow the fuck down, and do it right. using completely white paper only adds to the difficulty of folding.
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